Mr. Debendra Das has 18+ years of Industry experience in Data Science field and has worked across Healthcare, Telecom, Retail Market and Banking Credit Risk domain. We have trained and placed more than 2800+ candidates in the last decade.

Data Science

Career Kickstarter Workshop

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    Debendra das

    Co Founder

    18+ Years of Analytics experience in BFSI, Telecom and Retail & Marketing domain. Demonstrated expertise in complex database management reporting, data visualization and advanced analytics


    Co Founder

    Venkat holds rich industry experience as an applied Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Venkat has 11 years of experience as a Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Venkat has 6+ years of experience as a Corporate Trainer.

    Get the right direction to get a high paying job like

    You will also, find out two types of Learning Path to enter Data Science

    How to break into data science if you have coding background with a learning framework, resources, and project ideas.


    While many hold the misconception that you must have a technical background in order to excel as a data scientist, this is far from the truth.


    Learn how to build the right portfolio to attract jobs

    What People are Saying

    I am really happy to be a part of DV Analytics. This is the best decision I took so far for the betterment of my career. The training they are providing is excellent. All the faculties are very dedicated towards students. And the facilities available for the students are wonderful. 24*7 access to the class videos, availability of student mentor, the way of teaching etc, what else to say. I would highly recommend DV to anyone interested in Data Science.
    Hi All, I joined this institute last month for course on DATA SCIENCE.My all over experience is very good. The knowledge given by Dev sir is very helpful to me & during classes he give all his efforts to build the careers of students to become a successful Data Scientist along with that how to become a good human being too.Dev Sir is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. And this helps me to build confidence and learning. Prabhanshu Sahoo🙏
    Prabhanshu Sahoo
    D V Analytics is best training institute in India for learning DATA SCIENCE.
    Experienced Faculty (Dev Sir) and Helpful & communicative support staff is among the best team i have come through. I am from non-IT background, but still able to understand the content. Content is not only easy to understand, also is designed according to industry needs.
    Overall a Great Experience.
    Vibhash Pateria
    Highly recommended to all the people who believe sky is the limit and sees themselves succeeding as well as growing in life. On the basis of my personal experience, DV is one the best training institute. The way all the programs has been designed, be it mock interviews, classes or assignments, all these makes you ready for the competitive world out there. Also the faculty members are way too supportive and motives you at each and every step.
    kritika raina
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